Baylor University Medical Center - Dallas

David T. Arnold, MD, Surgical Education Director | Email

Baylor College of Medicine - Houston

Brad Scott, MD, Resident Program Director | Email | 713-873-3941
Aimee Gardner, PhD | Email
Nilson Salas, MD | Email

Methodist Hospital - Houston
Methodist Institute for Technology, Innovation & Education (MITIE™)

Barbara L. Bass, MD, FACS, Executive Director, MITIE™ | Email | 713-441-5132
Michael Donovan, Director of Education and Program Development, MITIE™ | Email | 713-441-7972
Brian Dunkin, MD, Medical Director, MITIE™ | Email | 713-441-6382
Angela Mitchell, Inanimate Skills Lab Coordinator, MITIE™ | Email | 713-441-7972

Methodist Hospital System - Dallas

Ernest Dunn, MD, Surgical Education Director | 214-947-2315
Michael Truitt, MD, Director of Surgical Simulation Skills Lab | Email | 214-947-3230
Bill Smith, Simulation Coordinator

Texas A&M Scott & White Hospital - Temple
Skills Lab & Temple College Simulation Center

Scott Thomas, MD, FACS, Program Director | Email
Danny Little, MD, Medical Student Clerkship Director | Email
Rob Carpenter, MD, MIS Surgeon | Email
Terri Okun, MS Administrator | Email
Lynn Botts, Resident Administrator | Email
Justin Regner, MD Trauma Surgeon, Associate Program Director | Email
Jose Pliego, MD OB/GYN, Medical Director of Simulation | Email

Texas Tech Univ Health Sciences Center - El Paso, Paul L. Foster School of Medicine

Brian R. Davis MD FACS, FASGE , Associate Professor of Surgery and Internal Medicine, Residency Program Director and Director of Surgical Research | Email
Victor J. Olivas FACS, Assistant Professor, Associate Residency Program Director and Director of Surgical Simulation, Member-At-Large TASSL | Email
Stacey Milan MD FACS, Director of Surgical Education, Medical Student Clerkship Director | Email

Texas Tech Univ Health Sciences Center - Lubbock

Ari Halldorsson, MD, Program Director | Email | 806-743-2370
Steven Garcia, MD  Associate Residency Program Director | Email
Samuel J. Campbell, MD, Medical Student Clerkship Director | Email
Dixon Santana, MD, Simulation Director | Email
Kevin Rush, CSA, Simulation Coordinator | Email | 806-743-2370

University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth

Rustin Reeves, PhD, Program Director | Email
Cara Fisher, MS, Medical Student Clerkship Director | Email
Anuja Ghorpade, PhD, Department Chair | Email
Jerry Friedman, DO, Simulation Director | Email
Other Faculty Involved - Undergraduate or Graduate Education:
Robert Bunata, MD Email | Albert H. Olivencia-Yurvati, DO, FICS, FACOS, FAHA Email
Harold Sheedlo, PhD Email | Jennifer Sanders Email | Robin Belcher Email

UT Health Science Center at Houston
Surgical & Clinical Skills Center (SCSC)

Peter Herrera, Director, Robotics Training Lab
Eric F. Reichman, MD, Director, Residency Program & SCSC | Email | 713-500-7882

UT Health Science Center at San Antonio
Johnson Center for Surgical Innovation (JCSI)

Daniel Dent, MD, Program Director | Email
Patrick Nguyen, MD, Medical Student Clerkship Director | Email
Ross Willis, PhD, Director of Surgical Education | Email | 210-567-5721
Kent Van Sickle, MD | Email | 210-567-5730
Dona Modrzynski, Administrator and Simulation Coordinator | Email | 210-567-1721

UT Medical Branch - Galveston

Kristene Gugliuzza, MD, Program Director | Email | 409-772-2412
Kimberly Brown, MD, Simulation Director | Email
Kristen Kahrig, Simulation Coordinator | Email | 409-772-2464
Cliff Snyder, MPAS, PA-C, Simulation Co-Director

University of Texas Dell Medical School - Austin

John M Uecker, MD, Program Director and Simulation Director | Email
Jayson Aydelotte, MD, Associate Program Director | Email
John Sabra, MD, Medical Student Clerkship Director | Email
Kevin Bozic, MD, MBA, Department Chair | Email

UT Rio Grande Valley - McAllen/Edinburg

Jose Almeda, MD, Program Director | Email
Henry Reinhart, Director of Simulation | Email
Roberta Reyes, Program Coordinator | Email

UT Southwestern Medical Center - Dallas
Southwestern Center for MIS (SCMIS)

Daniel Scott, MD, Program Director, Executive Simulation Center Director | Email | 214.648.7281
Deborah Hogg, BS, Simulation Manager | Email | 214.648.7909
MK Adcock, Administrative Assistant | Email | 214.648.7261


Tristan Kersh, Surgical Education Manager | Email | 214-707-2019
Kelly Yamaichi, Surgical Education Director | Email